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170117 Susan Keenberg (attorney)

Susan Keenberg turned me down.

I called her requesting a business lawyer to write up an agreement so that I could loan my mom's corporation money to remodel my apartment.  She said, "I can't imagine how this is in your best interest.  I can't help you..." but before she hung up, I talked her into an appointment.  I figured if she's willing to turn down work for herself in others best interest, she's the kind of lawyer I'm looking for.  And I was right...  Susan is great.

161104 Treeium (remodeling contractor)

[before and after renovation photos here]

The short review

Highly recommended.  Success on an ambitious remodel by first-time owners thanks to Ron Admony and Treeium!

The long review

160822 Select Dental Group

I love my dentist but have mixed feelings about dentistry.

I care a lot about health and try to take particular care of those parts of my body that don't heal like ears (hearing) and teeth.  I have almost perfect oral hygiene (floss after every meal or snack, brush with fluoride toothpaste at night, no soda, juice, candy, etc) but I occasionally get cavities and deep pockets [4-5mm] in my gums.  I have moderate bruxism (clenching) and so wear night guards.  

090601 Shojin restaurant

[Originally posted at OnEnsemble.org as "Great downtown LA restaurant: Shojin"]