Birdtalker at Hotel Cafe

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Birdtalker at Hotel Cafe

Hiro and I saw Birdtalker at Hotel Cafe tonight.  It was one of the best shows we've seen this year.  The music was deeply moving and a loving rapport between the audience and the band left everyone feeling like we participated in something special.  "I was there, man!"

Birdtalker's music is sweet and accessible, built from simple parts for male/female voice, guitar, drums, and bass (with the occasional trumpet and impressive whistling).  The playing / singing is strong but the music depends less on virtuosity and more on great arrangements and an earnestness in the performers.  Pieces like "Blue Healer" and "One" left me on the edge of tears during the show.  "Heavy" had a wonderful "epic saddness" that engulfed all 100 of us in the room.

I very much look forward to what Birdtalker does next!

"Blue Healer"