About is an archive of my creative work (music, choreography, and hobbies), and a tool I use personally for tracking my practice, CO2 reduction, and other life goals.  All music, videos, photographs, and writing on the site is released under the Creative Commons Attribution-ShareAlike 4.0 International (copyleft) license.

I am building the site myself (with the extensive help of a Drupal-savvy friend) so it will be forever under construction.

Design is powered by Drupal, an amazing GPLv2 (copyleft) content management system.  The colors are inspired by the Emacs "Subtle Hacker" theme. 

Notes for self

How should an artist use the internet?  What is the purpose of an artists' website?

  • No to self-promotion (no name-dropping bio, no glossy PR shots)
  • No to advertising
  • No to marketing (no "debut!" or "post-a-day" campaigns)
  • No to tracking (Facebook, Youtube, social media)
  • No to comments (wrong incentive for me, addictive)
  • No to encouraging loitering (no "you might also enjoy..." links)

Design the site around own needs.  "Find what you need and get back to practicing."  Write and document clearly enough that interested others would understand, but don't expect others to visit.

  • Yes to usefulness (tracking my practice, sharing work)
  • Yes to depth (best info is deepest in site)