Patience Duet (2015)

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151101 Patience Duet
Patience Duet


Naname Duet designed to build rhythmically and choreographically.

Rhythmic development: from restricted tones and timing to freedom

  1. Player A: quarter notes, eighth notes
  2. Player B: sixteenth notes, loud v soft
  3. Player A: don v da
  4. Player B: advanced rhythmic techniques

Movement development: from restricted "zones" to freedom

  1. Player A: R arm swings counter-clockwise
  2. Player B: R arm swings counter and clockwise with L tone variations
  3. Player A: more frequent variations, bachi clicks
  4. Player B: rhythmic build to L arm swings

Ending (simultaneous cheography)

  1. Colure (8 bars, alternating 2 bars each, players A, B, A, B)
  2. Slither
  3. Cant
  4. Corax


kristofer bergstrom

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