Personal Paris Pledge

When President Trump announced he was pulling out of the Paris climate accord, it made me want to do more on a personal level to address the issue of climate change.  Friends have joined me to pledge to make a personal CO2 reduction, and I plan to use our successes and difficulties to fuel a subsequent letter-writing campaign to leaders who can help.


Project overview

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Global Warming's Terrifying New Math
So What Exactly is in the Paris Climate Accord
Paris Agreement: Last Week Tonight with John Oliver


CO2 by category

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total CO2 budget for next 83 years: 940,000,000,000 tons
total world population: 7,210,000,000
personal annual CO2 budget: 1.57 tons
US average: 16 tons
Driving: 3 tons
Consumer: 3 tons
Food: 2.5 tons
Air Trav.: 1 ton
Home En.: .4 tons


Determining your pledge

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KB's favorite CO2 calculator by category
KB's favorite air-travel CO2 calculator


Support the letter-writing campaign

Apply our successes and difficulties to political action.

(will create video after pledges received)