KLarc / Joan of Arc

KLarc / Joan of Arc



  • variant of "Karc / Joan of Arc"
  • simple rhythm phrase (ga do ga da) repeated with variety of different sticking options
  • sticking options arranged simple -> complex, and with increasing hand-speed
  • "KLarA" and "KLarC" patterns involve three parts in different time signatures (normal, 1/2, 1/4 speed)
  • final phrase has shorter loop to emphasize tension

each line commonly played 4x

  • KarA
  • KarB
  • KarB-2
  • KarB-3
  • KarB-4
  • KLarA
  • KLarC
  • KarC
  • KarD
  • KarD-2

Current use(s)

  • often used as intro to Jack Bazaar

Potential use(s)

  • combined with other similarly-repetitive patterns with increasingly complicated sticking, could form sort-of Reich-like naname piece
  • adding a part for 1/3 or 2/3 time sounds interesting (i.e. 100bpm, 50bpm, 33bpm, 25bpm)



kristofer bergstrom
Yuta Kato
Julia Asano

Date Created