2017 NATC workshop: Choreography Primer

2017 NATC workshop: Choreography Primer

Sat, 2017-08-12 12:30 to 15:00

San Diego, CA


How is taiko movement created? Do we begin with the rhythm and add movements, or the other way around? This workshop teaches a selection of advanced naname movements plus the concepts that underlie them.

Wrap up: 


early experiments: form follows function
- efficiency, power, ergonomics as source for form details
- questioning received "aesthetic" decisions ("one should...", "taiko is...")

purpose and movement: the "relevance" spectrum
- Jack Bazaar and bachi paths defined by the drum
- defense of the strike (movements that disregard the strike details as cheesy)

movement improv: from tricks to bits
- systematic practice of arm swing options, paradiddles/alternating strikes, etc
- aligning the bits to the bar (when should things happen?)

arrangement of rhythm and movement
- how do rhythms lead naturally to movement and vice-versa?
- how does one arrange multiple dancers?
- what are the possibilities for using both accompaniment and leading?


Syllabus ---------------

Copycat: Tribeca

- introductions
- overview
- recording policy (copyleft)

The Elbow Revelation

M2 revisions

Tribeca exploration
- Tribeca
- slow-mo Tribeca
- super slow-mo Tribeca

Jack Bazaar demo
- Jack Bazaar performances, study videos, and notation

Q/A 1

Copycat: R arm swings

Q/A 2

Handtagonism v3 demo
- Handtagonism v3 performance


Clean and close

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