2017 NATC workshop: Lessons from the Institute

2017 NATC workshop: Lessons from the Institute

Sat, 2017-08-12 09:00 to 11:30
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San Diego, CA


Fellow teachers of taiko!  Learn the most useful pedagogical techniques developed over the course of more than 4000 classes at Los Angeles Taiko Institute since its inception in 2013.  Participants experience the techniques directly, serving as students through a variety of learning exercises.  The material is drawn from the “Taiko Teaching Tips” developed by Yuta Kato, David Wells, Yuri Yoshida, and other Institute staff, and covers both logistical and musical topics to help students learn quickly and have fun.

Set List: 

- full-body check-in
- arms
- boxes (stepping)
- connections (clapping patterns)

Copycat (note problem areas in each section)
- natural sticking
-- kuchishoga option
- loud v soft
- do v da
- sparse hits


- introductions: name, why this workshop
- questions about taiko pedagogy
-- possible topics: school structure, class planning, how to help with specific issues
-- Karl: ongoing vs course?
-- Donna: teaching a piece, content or form first?
-- Sarah: burnout level for a particular drill?
-- Russell: different rates of learning
-- Grady: form and basics vs repertoire
-- Margaret: class hierarchy, modular?
-- bachi?

Especially useful tips
- relevant exercise
- show don't tell, copycat
- putting people on the spot / teaching to individuals
-- anything with a clear right/wrong is okay because you can fix it (sticking, rhythm)
-- I'm more careful with more subtle things (faster, stronger)
- 2 months then time off

Major unknowns
- student retention / "artist" as "teacher"

Clean and close
- the unknown magic more important than pedagogy

Other Participants: