2017 NATC workshop: Lighted Bachi and the Beautiful Strike

2017 NATC workshop: Lighted Bachi and the Beautiful Strike

Fri, 2017-08-11 15:30 to 18:00

San Diego, CA


This dramatic lecture/demonstration uses lighted bachi, long exposure photography, and videography to give participants a new way to visualize the basic strike. With detailed feedback on mechanics, each player receives a video allowing detailed comparison of their strike with that of the facilitator.

Set List: 

- camera on tripod, long exposure settings
- projector, computer
- metronome
- lights (how to turn off)
- lighted bachi, LED throwies if needed
- plan on whiteboard

Copycat warmup

- lighted bachi fun time

Long-exposure photography: projected 2D space
- metronome 100bpm
- 8 hits (capture 4)
- review

Applying one's heightened sensitivity to improvement
- copycat strikes
- in pairs: visualizing stiff/flexible for wrist, elbow
- individual feedback

Videography: 2D space with time (food for future thought)

- Caveats for technology in art
- What is a "beautiful" strike?

Clean and close

Wrap up: 

Overlay photos with lighted bachi allow comparison of two players, in this case, student and instructor (Kris).  Tempo was approximately 50bpm and the 3-second exposure captured approximately two full strikes.  Photos are overlayed at 75% opacity.


Other Participants: