Adv. Naname Tech., Silly Edition at 2017 ITI

Adv. Naname Tech., Silly Edition at 2017 ITI

Sat, 2017-05-27 11:00 to 13:00
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UCLA campus, Ackerman Bruin Reception Room


- ki-pad
- email sign-up sheet


  • about "Advanced Naname Technique: Silly Edition"
  • warmup / naname-relevant workout

dochi / domu

- technique

- jiuchi structure
-- bar 1: dochi dachi x6, End Tag (dogo daga chiga chiga)
-- bar 2: domu domu x6, End Tag
-- bar 3: 2/4, End Tag
-- bar 4: don on 1, End Tag

- solo bar 1: quarter notes
-- all practice together over instructor ji
-- all play ji, instructor point to soloists


- bachi-lag and (weird) bachi-lead concept
-- even the best rules can be broken to beautiful effect

- solo bar 2: Slither crescendo, decrescendo


- technique

- solo bar 3: ryoutan as lead-in to 2/4
-- domu raladagodogo dagodogo dagodogo x2

dajigandanga nya

- solo bar 4: ender
-- 16th note crescendo (tsukutsuku x6), dajigandanga nya

ignoring others practice



additional options (if time allows)

  • advanced Slither: dagadaga dagadaga dagadaga ga ga dagadaga ga ga ga dachidagadon
  • gadachidaga
  • muting
  • smash roll
  • handtagonism / chiaida concept


  • what is "respectful" music?
  • untapped potential of naname and taiko generally
Wrap up: 

Was very pleased with these workshops, especially the second round.  Am trying recently to provide actual musical/choreographic experiences in workshops and classes, rather than just an informational/intellectual experience.  I think these workshops achieved this.  Having participants solo multiple times throughout the workshop made them more able to have fun at the very end.

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