Advanced shime technique clinic: Radiddlepa at 2018 ECTC

Advanced shime technique clinic: Radiddlepa at 2018 ECTC

Sun, 2018-02-11 12:30 to 15:00
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registration closed but waitlist available


Stony Brook University


Participants learn a variety of extended techniques for shime, a specific pattern from Radiddlepa, and methods for using the techniques more broadly in existing repertoire and new compositions. 

Set List: 

- introductions: name, what are you most curious about now?

western grip fundamentals
- thumb and pointer finger as fulcrum
- role of other fingers
- bounce strike
- three ranges of wrist motion, the "yes" motion
- learning from the tip of the bachi
- end goal: dexterity

advanced technique 1: offset paradiddles
- challenge pattern

advanced technique 2: ryoutan
- challenge pattern

advanced technique 3: teko
- challenge pattern

Q/A or challenge pattern combo jam

Radiddlepa demo

clean and close


Other Participants: