Beyond the Drum interview


Beyond the Drum interview

Fri, 2021-07-30 14:30 to 16:00
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"The Making of Harbor"
An interview with Kris and Minh of Arugakki

In January of 2021, Arugakki debuted Harbor, an ambitious stage piece for percussion, piano, electronic instruments, and contemporary dance, and the result of a pandemic-era artist-in-residency that morphed into an eight-month quarantine in a theater.  Courtney Ozaki facilitates a personal and candid discussion with the creators to tease out theory, inspiration, and practical tips for creation.  From the artists: "We don't want to be the kind of artists who blab about themselves.  We promise to get straight to the good stuff... the art, and why composition is so freaking hard for us."

section 1: condensed pre-recorded questions (with supplementary vids / photos edited in)
section 2: live Q&A, Courtney w/ probing follow-ups
section 3: reverse Q&A / creative exercise

possible topics
- fitting the mold vs. breaking the mold
- composition using "structure" vs "what do i hear next?"
- is there enough taiko composition happening?
- what it means to "serve the piece"
- finding residency opportunities
- general / personal
-- copyleft
-- veganism vs taiko skins

possible question methods
- email in advance
- live (normal)
- lightning round
- tell us about this photo...

new piece demo?

take-home materials?

Other Participants: