ECTC 2019 Workshop: Capturing Ideas

ECTC 2019 Workshop: Capturing Ideas

Sun, 2019-02-24 09:15 to 11:45
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Cornell University
Warren B02


Capturing Ideas

Have you ever imagined a great rhythm in the shower but forgot it at the drum?... Or tried to write two parts and then been disappointed when you hear them together?  This workshop provides skill-based and technical tricks to shorten the path from mind to music.

Set List: 

- name, interest in composition

Possible scenarios
- great moment in the jam
-- capturing with "running recording" and method of making time-stamps
- ideas "in the shower"
-- repetition
-- notebook at the ready
- composition, managing complexity
-- multi-track audio and video for multiple parts

- multiple roles for kuchishoga (only first of which is relevant)
-- hearing something before you can play it
-- specifying sticking
-- transmitting rhythm to others

- western notation vs "Krystem"
- get great at whatever's most natural

Increasing one's ability to accurately capture rhythms
- understanding relationship of each 16th-note position within the bar to the pulse
- finger counting
- "1eau Drill" as "truffle hunting"

Technical tools
- metronome
- audio recorder
- video camera
- Octatrack


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