Fushicho Daiko workshop: Advanced Shime, 1 of 2

Fushicho Daiko workshop: Advanced Shime, 1 of 2

Sun, 2019-06-23 13:30 to 15:00
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Fushicho Daiko
925 West Grand Avenue
Phoenix AZ 85007


Small-drum workshop for members of Fushicho Daiko.

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- song section with timing issue
- interesting tone-making objects

Part 1: Why practice shime?
- student demo shime part (Huyga?)
-- playing existing shime parts better

Existing roles
- timekeeper
-- how to practice time: metronome diminishing clicks, upbeat
-- but when it doesn't work, it's often the ensemble's fault: training others to follow the shime
- musical tone (contrast to nagado)
-- using dynamics and tone more expressively for existing jiuchi
-- making the jiuchi more interesting: fewer overlapping notes, wider tonal range
- consistency (same motion)

Part 2: Why practice shime?
- each person plays unique sound
-- expand shime possibilities

Radiddlepa shaga section as jiuchi
- counts
- accents with nails
- gentle solo


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