Fushicho Daiko workshop: Naname Primer, 1 of 3

Fushicho Daiko workshop: Naname Primer, 1 of 3

Sun, 2019-06-23 15:00 to 17:00
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Fushicho Daiko
925 West Grand Avenue
Phoenix AZ 85007


Naname workshop for students of Fushicho Daiko.

Set List: 

- audio playback
- lighted bachi
- no drums yet

welcome: name, why taiko? (for Minh)
- why naname?  rhythm and movement possiblities!

warmup: Minh

Call and answer phrase 1
- with counting

Part 1: Strike
- question 1: (with partner) What is the perfect R-arm prep position for the strike?
- Kris' answer
-- perpendicular to the drum face
-- slightly in front of the body
- question 2: Is this strike the same as a "beta" strike?  Should it be?
- Kris' answer
-- as similar as possible: grip, elbow, path

Part 2: Movement
- question 1: (with lighted bachi) In the first double-arm swing, what is the path of the R bachi tip through space?
- Kris' answer
-- keep strike as perfect as possible
-- then rebound perpendicular (show why)
-- then fall with gravity
- question 2: (with partner) How can we make the bachi path a result of a whole-body movement?
- Kris' answer
-- like warmup arm swings, bend knees with falling bachi, extend with raising bachi

Partner feedback
- showcase good feedback / ideas / questions for whole group

Ender: movement with music


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