Handtagonism Workshop at UCLA

Handtagonism Workshop at UCLA

Sat, 2018-01-13 13:00 to 16:00
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UCLA campus


Naname choreography workshop for members of Yukai Daiko providing overview of Handtagonism.

Prep: footwear (spinning required), notation


- introductions while stretching: name, small change makes a big difference
- overview while doing balance drills
-- possible Yukai path
--- step 1: fun of figuring out sticking / rhythms
--- step 2: games, drills to increase extension, expressivity, "clean-ness"; feedback
--- step 3: arrangement for Yukai
--- step 4: ...

"scaffold" Ardor with Pei help (teach by call-and-answer from beg.)
- planes of body
- individual feedback

demo (KB, PYT bars 1-16)

how to go from "can play it" to "looks awesome"
- strike details (ATEG: apex / timing / elbow / grip [ring finger for strike, thumb for movement])
- extension
- independence

jam: bar 1 vs Ardor
- finding ways to play patterns hundreds of times and keep it fun
- realizing ATEG, extension, independence details as comfort increases

clean and close

Wrap up: 

continue to be really impressed with these players
- good learning skills (curiosity, concentration, breaking down a challenge)
- great attitude (positive energy toward me, supportive of one another)
- solid rhythm and movement experience