ITI Workshop: Choreography Neighborhoods

ITI Workshop: Choreography Neighborhoods

Sat, 2023-05-27 10:00 to 12:30
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UC Davis


"Choreography neighborhoods" are classes of taiko movements that emerge from a given stance or prompt.  This workshop introduces Arugakki's most useful neighborhoods, including R-arm circles, X pattern, and "Handtagonism".


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- introductions: name and movement experience (taiko, dance, sports...)
- why taiko choreo. is important to me


R-arm swings  (40min)
- warmup
- call and answer
- vocab. development
-- 3 o'clock passing ka
-- CW, CCW
-- 1eau Drill for thoroughness
-- key arm positions: down, up, ready to strike
- challenge pattern


X-pattern  (40min)
- warmup
- call and answer
- vocab development
-- angled down strikes: down-to-right, down-to-left
-- angled glancing ka: down, up
-- rebound ka: right
- simple challenge pattern with student-made phrases


"Handtagonism"  (40min)
- warmup
- dodging at 12 o'clock
- chasing
- resisting
- overprotective mother


Movement call and answer


Q/A  (30min)

- ideas for continued exploration
- "graduating" to feet movement, different positions
- ego and naname


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Other Participants:
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