Kauai private lessons

Kauai private lessons

Mon, 2018-04-16 10:00 to 14:30
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Anita Cooke's house


10-11  Ray -- how to write rhythms for melody

  • hewing close to genre
  • small step away: i.e. use of nylon brushes with taiko
  • mimicing the rhythm of the melodic phrase
    most of the flute melodies end on "4" (a few on "3"?)
    16th-notes in counts 2 and 3
  • quickly repeating vs longer phrases
    should rhythm loop over the same length as melody?  or should it be twice as long?
  • what are "somber" rhythms?
    "falling" sounds
    low, long tones (mix of tone lengths is compelling)
    gagaku "messy" hits
  • use of tone groups
    shakers/rattles, etc
  • matching the "social" structure of the piece to the "emotional" feel of the melodies
    a somber piece can be more ceremonial, with individuals doing "what they're supposed to"
    an upbeat piece should let individuals be free and encourage interaction (trading solos, etc)

11-12  Keith -- deciphering odd meters

  • using graph paper to notate hits with pauses
  • 16th-note, 8th-note, and quarter-note metronomes are increasingly challenging
    because in odd-meter, 8th-note and quarter-notes become offset from the start of the odd-meter pattern
  • sticking options to explore
    main hits only
    main hits with 8th-note ghost notes
    main hits with 16th-note ghost notes

13-14  Anita, Carol, Jean, Keith -- advanced techniques

  • ryotan
  • 1eau Drill for "covering all bases"
    16 options; tackle one at a time
    eventually combine them to find weakest point
    very thorough but don't let it turn into a drag.  Keep practice fun!
  • smash roll
    step 1) understanding the physical motion of the technique
    step 2) playing it "within the bar": jamming to music and discovering the fun uses


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