Master Class for La Jolla Taiko

Master Class for La Jolla Taiko

Sat, 2018-06-02 12:00 to 15:00
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La Jolla Country Day School
9490 Genesee Ave
La Jolla, CA 92037


Feedback on new La Jolla Taiko new composition, "Nanigo".

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- welcome

- runthrough

- "big ideas"
-- composition structure
--- arrangement: What are the things that could be "discovered" by the performers over the course of the individual sections and the piece?
--- orchestration: use of individuals / pairs
-- choreography
--- two drums as musically distinct (tone and dynamics)
--- utilizing two different stances?
-- strike power hierarchy: rim, alternating hits, single R, RL, LR

- "details"
-- solos should be distinct.  perhaps "structures" provided by composer: use of space, use of rim, rhythm vs movement, etc
-- big R strikes: more elbow bend and "forward" direction of bachi
-- how to make pointing look okay?: focus on strike, purpose, independence, bachi lag
-- shekere technique

- thoughts on creating solos
-- using rim for inspiration (rebounding perpendicular, at angle, tangentially)
-- start with something, then fix what you don't like (it never feels like I've found something "amazing")
-- utilize the two axes of the two drums, the prep positions for those strikes, and move in-between
-- individuals need time with their instruments and the mirror (5 min every practice?)


Wrap up: 

So exciting to see Nanigo in development.  Great questions.  Would love to spend more time with this group!

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