Move! at 2017 ITI

Move! at 2017 ITI

Sat, 2017-05-27 09:45 to 11:30
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UCLA campus, Ackerman Bruin Reception Room


- ki-pad
- email sign-up sheet
- speaker and inspiring tracks


  • "Move!" concept
    exercise / dance class
    growth through exposure to varied movements / rhythms
    fast-paced but open to all levels
  • warmup / naname-relevant workout
    full-body check-in
    arm swings (simple -> advanced)
    legs (squats, hops)
    abs (bicycle, side-to-side, feet claps, out/in)
    jumping jacks (normal, feet in 3)

learn phrase

(see notation and LATI class video)


- relation to "drop"

Q/A and closing


Wrap up: 

Was very pleased with these workshops, especially the second.  Am trying recently to provide actual musical/choreographic experiences in workshops and classes, rather than just an informational/intellectual experience and I think these workshops achieved this.  Having participants solo multiple times throughout the workshop made them more able to have fun at the very end.

Great energy from the participants.  Thanks to them for the fun!

Other Participants: