Move! at 2018 ITI

Move! at 2018 ITI

Sat, 2018-05-26 11:00 to 13:00
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UC Riverside


A fast-paced and fun workout for the brain and body, participants learn an advanced naname phrase along to rocking Trap music.  Taught like a dance class, a naname-centric exercise routine gives way to a brief explanation of movement concepts, followed by constant drumming.


- welcome: name, recent challenge
-- overview of Move!: mastery not expected, just effort

- teach phrase (approximate tempo: 60bpm)
-- R strike bounce options: counter-clockwise, straight, clockwise
-- arm circles with partner: R clap, L bump, L clap, L bump
-- part 1 on drum: DOGO n GADA n go n ga n go n DA n go n ga n go n DA n go n 
-- part 2 clapping: gadachidaga n gon
-- break
-- part 3


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So fun to teach to this group!  Great energy and supportive of one another.  Wish I had them every Sunday!

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