Naname Improv workshop at ECTC 2020

Naname Improv workshop at ECTC 2020

Sat, 2020-02-22 15:00 to 17:30
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University of Connecticut
Oak Hall 105


Learn how to incorporate original phrases in a Matsuri-style solo, and one approach to jamming with a beat.

“When I started playing taiko, I hated improvisation.  I didn’t have the necessary building blocks nor the tools to assemble them.  Now I love it and I’m excited to show you what changed. I’m also excited to learn where you are with improv and what challenges you face.” — Kris Bergstrom


Set List: 

- M1-4 call and answer
- backing music:

Introductions / Overview
- name, improv? 1-10 (photos)

- teams of 3?

Arranging named phrases
- "rondo"
-- M1, M2, M1, M3, M1, M4, repeat
- 4 phrases per person, switch

Extended and Half phrases
- 8 phrases per team

- "snippet" call and answer
-- dagada at different locations within bar

Better jiuchi
- su su chi su (x3)
- su chichi su chi

Final jam

- Q/A
- practice on own
- group photo

Wrap up: 

Great group.  I hope the info was helpful.  I worry it was too didactic.  Perhaps instead of "three approaches to improv", I should have simply created ways to put everyone at ease in order to have fun improvising. 


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