Practicing Effectively to Music workshop at ITI 2021

Practicing Effectively to Music workshop at ITI 2021

Sat, 2021-05-29 13:45 to 15:15
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Playing along to pre-recorded music is one of the key ways drummers can learn and grow.  Compared to other genres like rock and jazz, however, few taiko players and taiko groups take advantage of the practice technique.  Playing along to music that makes me want to drum has profoundly improved the quality of my practice and the strength of my playing.  This workshop explains some of the effective procedures for individual and group practice that have worked for me, with an eye on the significant benefits, and the limits, of practicing along to music.

- longer practice
- passionate practice
- tempo training

example with Renshuu, line 1 or own rhythm
- indiv. practice without music
- YT track
- demo
-- "chunks"
-- musical enjoyment
- individual practice w/ music

finding suitable music
- what's good for drumming practice?
-- suggestions from participants
-- for me: strong beat, glitchy rhythm, clear sections

example with Matsuri
- patterns as written
- rearranged order
- [something] don karaka ka

example with improvisation

- being good to the puppy
- Angel vs Devil mentors

possible advanced topics
- hardware
-- small speakers and practice pad
-- portable PA
-- smartphone / portable player with headphones
--- hearing safety
- music tech details
-- how to download YT tracks
-- renaming files with BPM
-- link to my favorites
- odd-time music
- "swing" ji (6/8 rap?)
- looped sections (VLC, Audacity, Ardour)
- Octatrack
- Thoughts on Practice essay


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