Tick, Ting, Ten: Fun with small drums and found percussion

Tick, Ting, Ten: Fun with small drums and found percussion

Wed, 2020-08-12 19:00 to 20:15
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I have spent a portion of my quarantine playing the assortment of bowls, shakers, and random sound makers I've accumulated.  This has inspired me to practice small-drum rudiments and play the shime-daiko again.  In this workshop, I'll do a quick overview of grip and strike, show some drills I've found most helpful, and share my current approach(es) to composing for these instruments.

Please have ready:

  • bachi -- medium-weight or drumsticks if available
  • a pillow -- something to hit without rebound
  • a practice pad -- something to hit with rebound
  • chopsticks -- for use as bachi, so not your nice ones
  • something green, something red -- a post-it of each color is perfect

See you there!  -- Kris


Set List: 


mic test: talking, drumming
red and green indicators
required starting equipment: bachi, pillow, practice pad
warmup questions
-- Did you get dressed before noon?
-- Has the pandemic has taught you something about taiko?
-- Today I feel like being a student (green).  Today I feel like being a creator (red).
small-drum demo
Ice Skater-esque call and answer on pillow
try on practice pad for 2min.  Q: What would each surface offer your brain/hands in training?
note your questions for later

Grip and strike

  • standard curriculum: drumset, 30 Days
    goals: relaxation, simplicity, dexterity, control
    difference from taiko grip
    note your questions
  • study others: Benny Greb
  • let the music teach you: tone and consistency meets ergonomics
    Challenge pattern (exerpted from https://youtu.be/Ryd0yS_KW9M?t=104)
    on "found instruments": plastic lid, metal lid, cardboard/paper, something that rings

The student's skills: being putty, questioning, researching

How to be the researcher

  • determine the issue
  • make success/failure clear
  • play

The composer's skills: sensitivity to personal taste, follow-through

  • play
  • find the love
  • research

"Development" challenge on found instruments: 1's -> 2's -> 3's
- working together
- homework



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