What is Matsuri Daiko? Workshop 1 for Portland Taiko

What is Matsuri Daiko? Workshop 1 for Portland Taiko

Tue, 2018-08-07 19:00 to 21:00
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3728 SE 34th Avenue
Portland, OR 97202


Matsuri Daiko form and concept workshop for members of Portland Taiko.  (Part 1 of 2-part workshop series)

Set List: 

Introductions: name, why naname?

Naname-centric warmup
- arms
- torso
- legs
- core

Copycat drum/air warmup

- grip: letting the bachi move freely removes the brain's fear of "kickback"
- elbow: toward taiko, with all the body weirdness that requires
- path of strike: slight dogleg out to drum
- stance: whatever is required to achieve the above
-- variable 1: angle of feet in relation to drum
-- variable 2: distance from drum; the more the better, until the butt sticks out
-- variable 3: "pi angle"; with arms as radius, where on the circle one stands

Where the big strike applies: "don" of otsuri

Naname choreo demo


Wrap up: 

Great time with a great group.  Our approach to fundamentals is similar.  Mood of group is respectful and a bit reserved.  "Any questions?" is a less effective prompt than, "What elements of the strike so far are the same in naname and beta?"

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