Workshop Intensive for Zenshin Daiko Advanced Group

Workshop Intensive for Zenshin Daiko Advanced Group

Wed, 2018-04-04 18:00 to Sun, 2018-04-08 18:00
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Zenshin Daiko practice space
Maui, Hawaii


Apr 4 6-7pm
Apr 5 7-8pm
Apr 7 eve
Apr 8 4:30-6pm

New naname choreography phrase learning and choreography primer

welcome, introductions
- name
- favorite thing in Maui

copycat: R arm swings
- 3 o'clock down with L options
- 3 o'clock up with L options
- don to start

what makes for an interesting conversation?
- create an "interesting" arm swing combo

copycat: Cork

what makes a joke funny?
- create a "joke" move

jam over 2/4?

additional options

Jumping-off points
- R arm swings
-- building blocks: R-CW, R-CCW, strikes, knocking
-- phrase: CorkĀ 
- Handtagonism
-- building blocks: daji, doji, chidaga
-- phrase: daji gan dan gan nya
- spinning
-- building blocks: X-pattern, 12 o'clock tangent, Duckwheel (opposite directions wind catcher)
-- phrase: Saturn? Ardor?

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