Youth Taiko Gathering SugAmen workshop

Youth Taiko Gathering SugAmen workshop

Sat, 2022-03-05 09:00 to Sun, 2022-03-06 17:00
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Crespi School


When I studied shamisen music in Japan, the strongest players could interlock their strumming with each other to create double-speed patterns.  Friends and I are hoping we can achieve something similar with taiko, to play never-before-heard patterns on these ancient instruments.  Start learning one of our earliest successes: the 2-person, 1-taiko version of the famous drum-and-bass groove, 'Amen Break'!

Set List: 

- OT and drum for KBMN
- five drums w/ two sets of sticks
- five practice pads
- whiteboard: ease-in "ABCD" explanation

"Rhythm meditation: Mountain"  [imaginary hike.  1st pairs on drums: KB downbeat, all others upbeat]

share experience, questions

Speed-up vs Ease-in approaches

  • How to speed up gently (KB)  [1st pairs on prac pads.]
  • How to ease-in by managing the challenge (MN)  [1st pairs]

Mountain with partner  [1st pairs on pads, anywhere]

share experience, questions

"Being Good to the Puppy"

  • sensitivity to the learning moment
  • positivity, clarity, reward, patience

Hearing sensitivity: early/late demo with sampler  [all circled around]

Strike timing sensitivity  [last downbeat rotate to 2nd pairs on pads]

  • stick control: suga paradiddles (see below for more)
  • dynamics: accents
  • tone: "de" vs "do" vs "da" etc

New SugAmen Break line 1

  • "chick" w/ clapping on "e" and "u"
  • upbeat part
  • downbeat part

extra time - Metallica "One"



Additional resources

Suga Paradiddles drill
Both players use the following sticking.  The "downbeat" player plays the 16th notes as written and the "upbeat" player offsets in time to create 32nd notes (each hit halfway between the other players'.)

1e&u 2e&u
RRLR LLRL  di-ddle-pa-ra
RLLR LRRL  ra-di-ddle-pa
RLRR LRLL  pa-ra-di-ddle
RLRL LRLR  ddle-pa-pr-di  *to repeat: three R hits in a row, or next round starting L




Suga 3


Suga practice idea


Amen Break on drumset


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