Co-Motion Americano: 3-year review

Cycling is possibly the greatest and most pleasurable form of transport ever invented. walking only with one-tenth of the effort.  ...understand [the city's] geography in a way that no motorist... will ever be able to.  ...overtake £250,000 sports cars that are going nowhere fast.  ...park pretty much anywhere.  It’s amazing you can feel this free in a modern city.

Daniel Pemberton

Co-Motion Americano: 3-year review

I've put another 7000 miles or so on the bike since I wrote the review and it continues to be fantastic.

TRP rear brake return spring failed; just out of warranty.  Replaced with TRP HY/RD at shop rec.  So far, so good.
After three years, the saddle stopped squeaking!  UPDATE: the saddle still squeaks occasionally (due to humidity?)
The front brake is still doesn't feel great.
Hub wires broke at the connection but were easily fixed at Bent Up.
Bought painted frame pump through CoMotion and frame-mount lock (no more forgetting to put lock away before closing panniers).
Bent Up covered rubber bumper rings on cable break joints with heat-shrink for long-term reduced clang.
The custom USB cable for charging the rear light is still awesome.

If I were buying a Rohloff-equipped bike now, I'd have a hard time deciding on a shift mechanism.  The Gebla Rohbox offers better ergonomics but when I tried it, I liked the feel and multi-gear-change speed of CoMotion's custom shifter.

I'd also consider the new, Pinion offerings at Co-Motion.  It has even greater gear range (though I haven't ever needed more than the Rohloff) and apparently slightly smaller steps between the gears.