Thoughts on Practice

Do it again... Because again is practice... 

Richelle E. Goodrich

Thoughts on Practice

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Update (161001)

I copy this post over to my new blog in the middle of a three-month break from my regular routine of daily practice.  Living farther from ATUS and dedicating a lot of my time to the apartment renovation, I've told myself it's okay to go easy for a few months.  The hope is that once the apartment is in better shape, I'll be an even better practicer.  Let's see if I can prove that true!

Original post (081028)

A few friends have asked that I make my Thoughts on Practice essay available at our website.  Here it is!

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I have come to feel that practice presents profound lifestyle challenges.  My success or failure at maintaining effective, daily practice is like a measure of my health.  When everything in my life is working well, I’m a good practicer.  The essay lists some of the tricks that have helped me thus far.

If you have any feedback or thoughts (technical or philosophical) of your own, please let me know!