Hantagonism v5 at Grand Annex 2018

Hantagonism v5 at Grand Annex 2018


Handtagonism v5 (2018)
Kristofer Bergstrom
copyleft Creative Commons BY-SA
Handtagonism began by thinking of each hand as a character (i.e. mother and son) and experimenting with how they might interact.  Bachi "fighting", "helping", and "chasing" each other created clear, compelling gestures with glitchy, surprising rhythms.  The early arrangements of Handtagonism began hand-focused gestures and transitioned to full-body movement.  This version five of the arrangement mixes the rhythm and movement more dramatically and allows room for player interaction and improvisation.


kristofer bergstrom
David Wells
Isaku Kageyama
Yeeman Mui

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