Taiko no Koushin (Taiko March)

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Taiko no Koushin (Taiko March)


2 or more players
no drums required

Taiko no Koushin is inspired by the delightful Algorithm March, made by the brilliant folks at NHK.  The march incorporates eight, taiko-related poses or movements.  The movements are designed to interlock when players do the march back to back, with each marcher starting the movements one step later than the person ahead of them.


いっぽ すすんで バチ かまえ Ippo susunde batchi kamae. (Take one step, your batchi composed.)
いっぽ すすんで つぎ ななめ Ippo susunde tsugi naname. (Take one step, now a slant-drum pose.)
ひっくり かえって おおだいこ Hikkurikaette odaiko… (Turn around, odaiko…)
よこ に あるいて はちじょう Yoko ni aruite Hachijo. (Walk to the side, and Hachijo.)
ちょっと しゃがんで つぎ みやけ Chotto shagande tsugi Miyake. (Lower down a little, next is Miyake.)
かつぎ だいこ もち あげて Katsugi-daiko mochi agete. (Katsugi-daiko, lift, turn this way.)
つかれました きゅうけい Tsukaremashita kyuukei. (Oh exhausted! Rest a bit.)
うちわ あおって ソレソレ! Uchiwa aotte ‘Sore sore!’ (Use the fans, encourage, Go for it!)


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