GNU/Linux knowledge-base

Making Linux GPL'd was definitely the best thing I ever did. 

Linus Torvalds

GNU/Linux knowledge-base

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I continue to use and love GNU/Linux!  I'm using mainly Ubuntu these days (as opposed to Debian when I originally wrote this post in 2008).  After all these years, I'm still using my "knowledge_base_admin" file to keep track of computer notes.  While web searches are good for learning new things, searching my own file is faster when I've done something before, but can't remember how.

Amazingly, the core computer systems I use everyday-- GNU/Linux, Emacs, LaTeX, pcal -- are still in active development... a testament to the open source community!

My knowledge-base file continues to grow and prove useful (2008: 1206 lines, 2016: 2574 lines).  Perhaps I learn about 100 new computer things a year?  Updated version below.

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I use Debian gnu/linux for all my computing needs.  I absolutely love it!  It's powerful and stable and because it's Free Software, my only limitation is knowledge.  The more I know, the more I can do!  (To learn more about Free Software, see

However, there is a quite a lot to know.  Using only Free Software has required I learn a lot and get good at using Google.  In these searches, I often stumble upon other people's tips and tricks, answering just the question I'm facing.

So with the hope that others might stumble upon something useful, here is my "gnu/linux knowledge-base".  I'm no guru, so your mileage may vary, but please don't hesitate to contact me with questions.