Mochi Mochi inaugural tour wrap up

Our categories arise from the fact that we are neural beings, from the nature of our bodily capacities, from our experience interacting in the world, and from our evolved capacity for basic-level categorization - a level at which we optimally interact with the world. Evolution has not required us to be as accurate above and below the basic level as at the basic level, and so we are not. 

George Lakoff

Mochi Mochi inaugural tour wrap up

5 performances in 3 days
462 audience members
met Robin Koda
met Chris and Dan Kubo, Linda Uyechi, and Steve Sano
progress on Mochi Mochi equipment, marumochi, and music
incredibly fun

environmental considerations

  • approximately 800 miles round trip
  • used 73 gallons of gas
  • van got about 11mi/gallon
  • 1500lb CO2 or 210lb/person