2020 Tour

2020 Tour

North America tour of composition residencies, taiko teaching, and performances.

Supported by the Arugakki Collaborator Fund, Asano Taiko US, and Taiko Community Alliance.

Materials to be generated by this tour (all available under copyleft licenses)

  • Naname movements and electronic backing tracks (see tour-date links below)
  • Composing for Taiko essay
  • Taiko notation/kuchishoga blog post
  • updated Thoughts on Practice essay
  • The Drum / Dance Spectrum blog post
  • Scaffolding teaching technique blog post
  • Touring By Electric Vehicle presentation

(as of Jan 18 2020)
Jan 9 Las Vegas NV - Performance at Baobab Stage
Jan 10 Las Vegas NV - "Chiaida" Workshop for Kaminari Taiko
Jan 11-18  Moab UT - Residency with Moab Taiko Dan
Jan 19-23  Denver CO
Jan 24  Lincoln NE
Jan 25-26  St Louis MO
Jan 27-28  Columbus OH
Jan 29  Timonium MD
Jan 30-31  Wilmonton DE
Feb 1  New Jersey
Feb 2-20  Manhattan NY
Feb 21-23  Storrs CT
Feb 24-29  Stony Brook NY
Mar 1-9  Boston MA
Mar 10-17  Montreal QC
Mar 18-19  Toronto ON
Mar 20 Detroit
Mar 21  Chicago IL
Mar 22-28  St. Paul MN
Mar 29  Sioux Falls SD
Mar 30  Spearfish SD
Mar 31  Rawlins WY
Apr 1-2  Salt Lake City / Provo UT
Apr 3  Ontario OR
Apr 4-11  Vancouver BC
Apr 12-19  Seattle WA
Apr 20-May 2  Portland OR
May 3  Ashland OR
May 4  Sacramento CA
May 5-12  Stanford CA
May 13  Turlock CA
May 14  Bakersfield CA

"Three recent influences have profoundly changed my taiko playing and increased my enjoyment of drumming: playing to music, extended naname technique, and movement theory from the dance world.  In early 2020, I'm sharing these influences with taiko players in a teaching and composition residency tour with dancer Minh Nguyen.  In addition to teaching one-time workshops and two-day intensives, we'll do one-week residencies with a number of the ensembles, writing rhythms, choreography, and electronic music for the ensembles inspired by sounds and gestures discovered on tour."  - Kris Bergstrom

"I met Kris in Albuquerque where he was one of five choreographers-in-residence at the Keshet Makers' Space Experience.  He is taking dance movement and choreography concepts and applying them to taiko movement, particularly in his new choreography for slant-drum taiko.  I, in turn, am taking rhythm concepts from taiko and applying them to dance.  In the 2020 tour I'll be teaching movement and providing feedback in Kris' workshops and he'll be playing music and teaching rhythm in mine." - Minh Nguyen