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190721 L’Antica Pizzeria da Michele

New favorite pizza place!

190211 Safety Cycle

My go-to local bike shop

170117 Susan Keenberg (attorney)

Susan Keenberg turned me down.

161104 Treeium (remodeling contractor)

Recommended.  Success on an ambitious remodel by first-time owners thanks to Ron Admony and Treeium!

160822 Select Dental Group

I love my dentist but have mixed feelings about dentistry.

090601 Shojin restaurant

Uplifting vegan food

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I care a lot about health and try to take particular care of those parts of my body that don't heal like ears (hearing) and teeth.  I have almost perfect oral hygiene (floss after every meal or snack, brush with fluoride toothpaste at night, no soda, juice, candy, etc) but I occasionally get cavities and deep pockets [4-5mm] in my gums.  I have moderate bruxism (clenching) and so wear night guards.  

My teeth are in good shape but I can't help but be frustrated with a less-than-perfect checkup.  I'm doing literally everything my dentist tells me.  "This cavity is not your fault... Genetics or bad luck..."  It seems to me we don't really understand tooth decay, perhaps because of our limited understanding of the microbiome.

That having been said, I trust Dr. Salon and feel like he truly wants the best for my teeth.  He understands my aversion to whitening and my preference for gold fillings and answers my questions thoughtfully.  Although he knows cost is not a major concern for me, I don't get the feeling he's trying to sell me more than I need.  I have been going to Dr. Salo since about 2006 plan to continue for the foreseeable future.

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