Shojin restaurant

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New favorite pizza place!

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My go-to local bike shop

170117 Susan Keenberg (attorney)

Susan Keenberg turned me down.

161104 Treeium (remodeling contractor)

Recommended.  Success on an ambitious remodel by first-time owners thanks to Ron Admony and Treeium!

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I love my dentist but have mixed feelings about dentistry.

090601 Shojin restaurant

Uplifting vegan food

Shojin restaurant

[Originally posted at as "Great downtown LA restaurant: Shojin"]

After the workshop, Hiro and I went to a great restaurant called Shojin, located in the Little Tokyo Shopping Center, 3F.  The staff is unbelievably courteous… the chefs come out to greet the guests, and see them off at the door.  The owner, Tsuguhiro Morishima explained that it has long been his dream to create a restaurant that encourages inter-personal connections; amongst the guests and between the guests and staff.  He spent a long time thinking about what kind of food would be best for the patrons, and encourage the kind of health and well-being he was trying to foster.  Over a long period, he came to feel that vegan and macrobiotic foods were the most in line with this goal.

If you’re in the Little Tokyo area and looking for healthy uplifting food and a restaurant run by caring people, try Shojin!