DIY Trailer Home – Nov 2009 Update

DIY Trailer Home – Nov 2009 Update

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This trailer home was never built, but Ron Golan's architectural input continues to help us with the apartment.

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We have chosen a name for the trailer home Hiro and I are designing with RGON architecture.

“Shoebox House”

We’ve begun the mechanical design phase, one of the more precarious stages of the project.  This is where we take the basic room layout from the “schematic design” phase and figure out how it will actually work mechanically.  As the first-ever collapsible, 2-story mobile home, we face a number of significant technical challenges.  The good news is that I’ve received interest from a number of trailer manufacturers for fabrication of the chassis.

Wish us luck!

Here is a short video RGON made showing a rough concept of the Shoebox House frame!