A Seed: Ichi-Ryu Manbai

Reviews, Live Shows

220213 Breathing Forests by Gabriella Smith (world premier)

Sobbing beneath our masks

211203 "Seven Pillars" premier at Emerald City Music

Inspiring composition, mind-blowing performance

210911 Sylvan Esso at The Greek

Standard production, amazing music

210911 Tune Yards at Ford Amphitheater

Low expectations, high reward!

210129 Cinematic Orchestra at Royal Albert Hall livestream

Monochromatic, but enjoyable.

201201 Sylvan Esso "With Love" streaming

Heartfelt performance by one of my favorites

201010 NDT2: Dare to Say

Proving that streamed dance performances can move

201010 NDT: Endlessly Free

The Other You is my favorite choreography ever.

201010 Kaoru Watanabe: Haruka and Akira

"Kibou no Hikari" made me cry

200411 Arugakki at JCCC Montreal

First steps: shaky, exciting

200322 Nederlans Dans Theater at Place des Artes

Vladimir is mind-blowing

200221 DRUM Tao at Jorgensen Center

pina colada cotton candy

191116 Sylvan Esso at Walt Disney Concert Hall

Moving music, delightful dancing, incredible sound

191115 Ohmme at Teragram Ballroom

Fantastically quirky

191025 Hiatus Kaiyote at Novo

Amazing music, over my head

191023 Frances Cone and Delta Rae at Bootleg

Introspective, thoughtful music vs showboating

191017 Cosmo Sheldrake at Echoplex

Great samples, less-inspiring looping

191013 Oregon Symphony premier of Andy Akiho Percussion Concerto

My new favorite piece of classical music.

191009 GoGo Penguin's Koyaanisqatsi at Regent Theater

A worthwhile addition to an iconic movie

190925 Cornelius at Echoplex

Bright lights, big music.

190726 New Original Works Festival 2019 at REDCAT

Craving a "composition"

190717 Mitski at Hollywood Palladium

How to make pop songs performative?

190614 Imogen Heap at Greek Theatre

Hide and Seek and not much else

190601 Snarky Puppy at Orpheum

So Snarky!

190319 Monterey Symphony: Sound Waves Concert IV

A drifting concert. Water Concerto anchored by Chris Lamb

190316 Miyamoto is Black Enough, at Wallis

Holy shit this was a good show!

190127 Hidaka at International Dinner 2019

Go Hidaka Taiko!

190116 Third Coast Percussion with Hubbard Street Dance

Unsure why I was unmoved

181120 Dermot Kennedy at Fonda

Solid show to adoring fans

181108 Birdtalker at Hotel Cafe

A special band, early in their career

180623 Olafur Arnalds at Cathedral Sanctuary

The power of sweet/sad melody!

180614 Dirty Projectors at El Rey Theater

Amazing quirk-pop!

180310 Miyake x UnitOne

UnitOne shines!

180224 Batare at La Mirada Theater

Laudably ambitious but scattered.

180223 QuiltCon 2018

Inspiring works, inspiring community.

180131 Kagami Kai at Asian Art Museum

Amazing mochi-making skills, frustrating calligraphy, and take-home encouragement

170416 Sigur Rós with LA Phil

Amazing concert with a few missed opportunities.

170115 A Seed: Ichi-Ryu Manbai

Overwrought concept, thin music, tragic flowers

160927 Sigur Rós at Hollywood Bowl

Amazing sound needs mixed set-list

160918 Road to Kumano: Taiko Project with Chieko Kojima

Ambitious new work!

160409 Locations and Dislocations: An Ecomusicological Conversation

thought-provoking, inspiring, exhausting

130514 Stuck Elevator was fantastic

Powerfully uneventful ending

081012 Byron's Bottled Water Operas

Welcome. Stay and think.

A Seed: Ichi-Ryu Manbai

Seed is an ambitious performance, featuring 38 performers telling the Japanese myth of the creation of the universe, the world, man, and rice.  The story was told through narration by english-speaking actors, Noh recitation, modern and nihonbuyo dance, and music.  Instrumentation included kumidaiko by Yuu Ishizuka and others (odaiko, okedo and tsukeshime-daiko set, atarigane, cymbals, gong), narimono by Mochizuki Saburo et al (ookawa, tsuzumi, fue), plus koto, cello, guitar, and synthesizer.

The two scenes featuring the character Susano (Nakamura Narumi | Hiromi Ashmore) were my favorites, perhaps because they strayed the least from Kabuki style and musical structure and were some of the clearest moments of the storyline.  The cellist was my favorite musician, her technique allowed to shine with long, interesting melodic phrases.

A massive flower arrangement structured the final 15 minutes of the performance, and it was unintentionally amazing.  I don't know if I've ever been so nervous as an audience member.  Just as the story had reached its climax, the bamboo stand supporting the arrangement faltered.  The flower arranger himself, then his two assistants, then the theater director, then additional staff members, all struggled to hold the arrangement aloft.  The view from inside the arrangement must have been amazing, as if the flowers had been replaced by an arrangement of human hands.  Every shake garnered gasps from the audience.  I was incredibly tense.  It was in this amazing air that the 38 performers, now 37 because the arranger was trapped, took their long, extended bows.  When Hiro and I quickly got on our tandem bike to ride home, the cold air and pent-up tension led to a miraculous burst of speed.  We were home in no time.

"Ichi-ryu manbai" means "from one grain, ten thousand" and encapsulates the director's dream that a "single wish can spread amongst millions of people".  The sweetness of this idea is undermined for me by the all Japanese-heritage cast, a point of pride for the director (Yasushi Matsuura) during his introduction.  Within the work itself too, there is a sense that the performers are constrained by the multi-genre ensemble, and possibly by the story.  The guitarist doesn't know how to support the koto, and the dancers counting the kumidaiko beats rather than enraptured by the music.  To be fair, this is the debut performance, and as a debut it achieved a ton... not least of which is the amazing task of bringing together an incredible cast of performers.  Here's hoping there are additional chances for this group of composers and choreographers to make the elements more deeply intertwined, as though they share the seed that Matsuura imagines.

Notes for self

  • The show's goal of "harmony through theatrical performance" brings an artistic responsibility to be appealing to a wide variety of audiences.  I probably shouldn't put that pressure on my work.
  • I'm not a "ceremonial" artist.
  • Don't use gradual fades or color changes with LED stage lights.